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this is basically what a good chunk of tumblr has turned into and it’s sad. 

1. Trans people and otherkin are not remotely the same thing, and comparing them is really offensive. I cannot remember the last time I saw anyone claim otherwise. 

2. It is none of my business what language people who actually have psychological disorders use to talk about their symptoms, but when neurotypical people appropriate disability language to talk about their “headmates,” it is massively ableist and offensive. Again, I cannot remember the last time I saw anyone claim otherwise. 

3. Not using the correct pronouns for someone is misgendering them. It is literally referring to them by a gender other than the one they identify with. That is what misgendering is

4. I have never heard anyone say “I hate trans men,” but if someone has said that, it was probably a trans woman expressing valid frustration with transmisogyny. 

5. “Trans women are perfect!” OH MY GOD!!111 SOMEONE IS TRYING TO RAISE THE SELF-ESTEEM OF ONE OF THE MOST ATTACKED GROUPS OF TEENAGE GIRLS/WOMEN IN OUR SOCIETY???? NO!!!11 SELF-ESTEEM NOT FOR TRANS WOMEN!!!1 SELF-ESTEEM ONLY FOR CIS WOMEN!!!1 HOW DARE TRANS WOMEN LOVE THEMSELVES!!!1 HOW DARE PEOPLE TELL TRANS WOMEN THEY SHOULD LIVE THEMSELVES!!!1 POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE TOO FAR!!!1 omfg are you seriously objecting to someone telling young women that they it’s okay for them to love themselves? Trans women are perfect. They deserve to hear that a lot more often, especially outside of tumblr. 

6. “my red nail polish represents the blood of cis enemies <3” The anti-sjw crowd’s complete inability to take a joke will never fail to amaze me. 

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    Being cisgender isn’t a choice any more than any other kind of gender identities?????????????? tumblr is crazy sometimes
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